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Roneka Taylor

My name is Roneka Taylor. I am currently a 44 year-old CANCER SURVIVOR!! I am a woman who LOOVVEESS God and KNOWS where my help comes from. I come from a single-parent household. My parents were divorced when my twin and I were 5 years old. I also have a sister two years older than me and a brother younger than me.

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My Story

Eleven years ago on April 28, 2011, I received a call from my primary care doctor telling me that I had breast cancer. A few months prior to that I felt strange lumps in my left breast and was instructed by my mother-in-law to go get them checked out. After an ultrasound, mammogram, biopsy, and several other scans the results were IN!! Positive for Breast Cancer.


I was 32 at the time with two daughters. But I NEVER got angry with God. I never questioned why He would do this to me. And that was a SHOCK for me. A sense of comfort came over me and carried me through 6 rounds of Chemotherapy and 7 surgeries related to my breast cancer and an 8th on my cervix simultaneously.

I lost all my hair all over my body. But I NEVER LOST my faith. I was told that because the drugs sent my body through a chemical menopause I was done baring children. #BUTGOD blessed me with a healthy son. Today, I have three amazing children: Cortney (19), Coryn (14), and my Miracle baby Ryco (8).

December 14, 2011, I went into my doctor’s office for a checkup after completing my treatment and she matter of factly said: Well! The cancer is GONE! I didn’t hear anything after that because I was trying too hard not to shout all over her office. This coming December 14, 2022  I celebrate 11 years CANCER FREE and its NO GOODNESS of my own. It is only by God’s grace that I am here. I am happy to go on in Him.




Roneka Taylor

Contact Roneka

Roneka loves to support survivors who reach out  to her with questions and one on one support. Drop us a line and we will connect you with Roneka.

(855) 778-1600

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