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Parenting Through Treatment

Parenting through treatment can be a difficult feat especially for single parents. Children can sense when something is wrong. Explaining to a child the what, how and why to their understanding may be the initial challenge depending on the child's age. The news can and may incite fear and mixed emotions regardless.

We, being strong advocates for support systems and mental health would recommend reaching out to a family member or close friend to assist with certain physical needs (household chores, meal prep, transportation and errands). A good resource for the delivery of daily hot meals in Los Angeles is Project Angel Food.

While there are several children's books on the topic. We recommend connecting with the social worker at your hospital or treatment center about local resources available for children and teens or families. There are support groups for children whose parents have cancer. These resources are out there but will vary by state and may come with a fee for service.

Contact us for a local list of resources in Southern California.

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