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Nutrition & Breast Cancer

Good nutrition is the key to building a strong body. Building a strong body is crucial to endurance and longevity. To help build a strong body we must practice eating foods that are beneficial and that have nutritional value. Leafy greens, bright and deep-colored vegetables, and fruits have far-reaching benefits.

Studies show that to decrease the risk of developing certain cancers we should incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our daily diet. A daily serving of five vegetables and 2.5 servings of fruits is a recommendation by most doctors and nutritionists.

Studies also show that maintaining a healthy weight is key to decreasing the risk of certain cancers. To maintain a healthy weight working out and eating the right foods are essential. Exercising at least three times a week (a brisk walk, dancing, etc.) is a wonderful way to get the body moving and maintain a healthy weight.

Finally, drinking alcohol excessively has been linked to increasing the risk of developing breast cancer. We need to keep in mind what we put in our bodies should serve as fuel and building blocks to keep it going, and as strong and healthy as possible. If you must drink do so in moderation.

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