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We are on both Instagram and Facebook and we look forward to hearing your input/feedback on our streaming topics: Inspiration, breast health news, wellness engagement, just to name a few.

The Virtual Shift - Don't forget to Hashtag your posts

While in the recent past year the industrious world was forced to acclimate to the COVID 19 Pandemic. It necessitated our shift to a virtual and or telecommuting sphere. Yet, we remained social through our common use networks on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. In effort to remain inside (sheltered in place), unexposed but in touch with our love ones we facetimed, video chatted and zoomed. Forming COVID Cocoons with those we deemed safe for our personal space, as we continued to face this world of uncertainty, and fear warped, around mental health stigmas and clichés about being together while we were a part. Imagine facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment during this time. Albeit, with the new algorithms suggesting who you were important to you, while you thought only five friends engaged (liked and commented), while the others never actually saw your posts.

Over the past ten years Facebook has minimized our free speech and shifted to paying customers through ads. This was not just due to the vast amount of misinformation but for profits (the bottom line). Most do not know how important hashtags have become the social sphere of things. Unless, one has engaged through comments on a regular basis the algorithms may not present your posts (" the reach") to your friends. Its not personal its business. The shift is to the paying customer (ads) and measure by your activity.

So, you get a few favorites in your settings, you get to see each others posted content regularly. Here's a tip, whatever you do tag friends, comment, show love not just likes (activity). Trust that it is measured. Include hashtags at the close of your comments that it might lead others getting engaged, seeing popular and informative content and more importantly your posts. #Igotitnow #holleratme #tagfriends #lovenotjustlikes #itsthebusiness #ifIonlyknew

We'd Love to Hear From You!

Why? Because your story is powerful and life changing. Only you know the intricate details. So, do not forget to share it. #mystory

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