Follow-Up Care

Follow-up is imperative and the necessary recourse to staying healthy after treatment has ended.

Follow-up care appointment schedules depend on many varied factors, including the type of breast cancer, how advanced the cancer was when it was found and how it was being treated. These factors can determine things such as the frequency of doctor visits or if you will need a follow-up mammogram. Here is a list of things you can expect after treatment:

• Doctor Visits- After treatment, one can expect to visit the doctor once every few months. These appointments will decrease the longer one has shown no evidence of disease.

• Mammograms - If you have had breast-conserving surgery then they can expect to have a mammogram 6-12 months after surgery.

• Pelvic Exams- If you are taking the drug Tamoxifen or Toremifene pelvic exams are necessary because these drugs can increase one’s likelihood of developing uterine cancer.

• Bone density test and other blood tests and imaging tests (bone scans, x-rays, CT or PET scans)

One’s test and treatment schedule may vary depending on what his/her doctor may think are needed. The most important thing is to keep in mind that things will be different and that even though treatment is over there is still a long road to recovery. Always stay up to date on appointments and attentive to your overall wellness needs.


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