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Estrogen Receptor Positive

It’s estimated that 80% of all breast cancer is ER positive. While there is no good breast cancer, one draw back of Estrogen Receptor Positive breast cancer is that chemotherapy does not shut down your estrogen output enough, Tamoxifen (generally a five-year pill) or toremifene serves to block estrogen receptors from binding. If all else fails, there’s the oophorectomy (ovary removal).

Nonetheless, when breast cancer of this type occurs in premenopausal women (diagnosed under 40), they are faced with a swift push into a PREMATURE menopause. And because hormones typically affect one’s emotional state, they are combating mood swings, depression, hot flashes, confusion, etc., These side effects largely go unaddressed as they take a back seat as ramifications of anticipated life expectancy.

ER Positive Post-menopausal women are prescribed a class of medicines called aromatase inhibitors which actually stops estrogen production. These include: anastrozole (Arimidex), exemestane (Aromasin), and letrozole (Femara). All of which have an aftermath that varies accordingly.

The good #news is that these adjuvant therapies exist and are in addition to.

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