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COVID 19 Has sparked cancellation of many events and public services. It has moved the nation in response to work from home measures at many agencies, especially those that provide public services . However, here hope will not be cancelled. We still have resilience, hope, love, peace, prosperity and promise. We will continue to follow-up on delayed screenings and continue to serve our communities. We ask you what are you hopeful for?

Stay In A Positive Mental Space

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and for the past 15 months the world has been a place of uncertainty and chaos. We understand the mood is not always right and its okay to not always be in a positive space. As a reminder, mental health is also health and as a whole, it too is in need of our attention. Seek out mental health professionals to assist you in this area whenever there is a need. After all, that is why they are there and what they do. Just remember you are not alone and if you are you do not have to be. Pick up the phone.

#positivevibes #hopeisthecure #mentalhealthawareness

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