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COVID 19 Relief Guidance

The Pandemic has not only caused a global health crisis, it has fostered a downward spiral economically, financially impacting billions nationwide. While vaccinations have proven to largely impact the reduction of mortalities and serious disease, many remain unvaccinated. We, at My Sister My Friend BCS have largely vowed to trust the science behind medicine and reliance on the CDC guidelines and its recommendations.

At My Sister My Friend Breast Cancer Support we are aiding our community by limiting person to person contact, while continuing to provide direct services. We are providing guidance and support of getting our community the basic necessities for day to day life. As we know that meeting basic needs reduces stress and anxiety amidst uncertainty. We are solutions oriented. Therefore, we are providing through our network of community collaborations resources to make it all happen. For instance, if you reside in Long Beach and are in need of assistance with rent payments visit our "Resources" page for information on which entity to contact for COVID 19 rental payment assistance. If you are homeless contact the:


1301 West 12th Street Long Beach, CA 90813 Phone: (562) 570-4500 - Fax: (562) 570-8234

They have several programs available catered to meet individual needs. If you are homeless in Los Angeles, dial 211 or visit

For food, there is a list of several weekly food distribution locations throughout Los Angeles County. There is also Cal Fresh (food stamps), for those who qualify, an online application at If you were diagnosed with breast cancer and in need of financial assistance and reside in Orange or Los Angeles Counties there is Breast Cancer Angels (not COVID 19 specific). There is also The SamFund (non respective of your location). If you are under 45 years of age at the time of diagnosis, there is the Tiger Lilly Foundation. While these resources have their own specific guidelines we share information to ensure meeting basic needs. We share information on utility payment resources, other financial assistance, vaccination locations, associated free transportation and we also send care packages to individuals in need of masks, gloves and protective items free of charge.

We are striving to achieve a healthy and sustainable community, which starts with collaboration and the addressing of basic needs.

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