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Beyond Breast Cancer

"Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can".

- John Wooden

Breast cancer treatment is one of the most difficult things that a person can experience, but what happens after treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation) are over? Does your life return to normal, or will you experience side effects? Studies show that most can expect some hurdles that they must overcome on their journey towards a new normal.

After treatment survivors have reported experiencing symptoms such as severe fatigue and chemo brain (a mental change to the memory that causes an inability to focus). These symptoms do not always go away after treatment ends.

To help make this period easier survivors can keep a daily diary noting the times when fatigue or mental fogginess occurs. These notes can be used to plan periods of rest when fatigue usually hits the hardest. These occurrences can take anywhere from six months to 1 year to dissipate. Give your body the time to fully heal and adjust as needed, your heart and mind will thank you for it. #aftertreatment #beyondbreastcancer #survivors #breastcancerawareness #bcsm #weseeyousis #mysisterskeeper

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