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African American Women Breast Cancer Disparities

In the U.S. this year, thus far breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. Breast cancer is second only to skin cancer. While breast cancer deaths yield a 40% decline over the past 32 years, it is noteworthy that the projection of the American Cancer Society is that 330,840 new cases will be diagnosed in women this year.

In past years the data held true, based on research that African American women had a lower incidence rate of breast cancer than their white counterparts. Today's research also yields the incident rates are in contrast with the past, and African American women's incidence rates are nearly equal to those of white women. Notwithstanding, the mortality rate of African American women is 40% more when it comes to dying from the disease.

Source: American Cancer Society

The Questions:

  1. Why do such disparities exist?

  2. Does the initial screening age (40) present a problem for African American women?

  3. Is the issue rooted in access to care? If so, what are the barriers?

  4. How should these problem be addressed? What are the solutions?

  5. Has the problem over time become an institutionalized one?

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