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Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Surgery to rebuild a breast's shape — is often an option after mastectomy.

If you are considering reconstruction, you should talk with a plastic surgeon before your mastectomy. Some women begin reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy; others wait several months or even years later. The choice is yours.

Woman with Head Scarf

Exploring Options

Exploring Your Options Involve:

  1. Talking to your health care team  and reconstructive surgeon.

  2. Asking for before and after photos

  3. Asking questions about the number of phases involved.

Available Abdominal Flaps: 

Diep Flap, Tram Flap,  Siea Flap

Implants: (Saline & Silicone)

Download a informational brochure to learn more.

Flat closures

There is always an option to go flat.

After mastectomy, women also have the option of leaving the chest flat. The decision to have reconstruction or go flat is very personal, there is no right or wrong choice that fits everyone.

Many types of reconstruction are available, so it is important for women to learn about the benefits and limitations of each alternative before making a decision.

*We thank the Plastic Surgery Foundation for their support in bringing this awareness to you.

Image by Ahmed Carter
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